Aug 28, 2019

Appalachian Mountain Raspise

When I first received the samples of Appalachian Mountain Brewerey Raspise, my immediate response was “mint”!? I wasn’t sure how well that addition would work with raspberries or any measure of sour tartness. And yet, half way through the first can of this tasty little brew and I was digging it.

Raspise isn’t going to smack you in the face with a sour pucker or the cooling sensation of mint. Instead, what we’ve got with this 5.3% ABV ale is a fruity raspberry flavor with has just the right amount of earthy mint. The combination of the two almost give the experience a very tea-like character. Toss in a very approachable level of sour tartness and you’ve got a refreshing and deceptively easy drinking beer.

Raspise presents a unique flavor profile. That tea-like trait was quite unexpected and certainly different than most other examples of the style. The easy nature of the tartness allows the fruit and herbal mint to shine and the light carbonation playfully tingles the senses long into the gently drying finish.

I’ve only encountered the company’s IPAs in the past, but I may have to check out their other offerings when the opportunity arises. Raspise is a fun little beer that I enjoyed well enough — had I personally been a tea drinker, perhaps, I would have enjoyed it even that much more.

This is a review of a promotional sample.