Aug 15, 2019

Starr Hill Swim

Swim is the last of the Hopped as Hell variety pack samples that Starr Hill sent my way last week. As with most variety packs like this each beer has presented a unique hop profile and flavor all their own, but still maintain the theme across the board. This 7% ABV IPA is brewed in the style of a New England IPA and as expected, it hits on the key differentiators with this genre.

Citra, El Dorado and Denali hop varieties present a luscious array of fruity aromas and flavors – mango, tangerine and pineapple are all present. Much like other examples of the NE style, Swim keeps those hops in check and the bitterness levels low, offering just a light tingle that lasts into the long, lightly drying finish. A twinge of cattiness and pine persist as the soft beer glides effortlessly across the palate.

Starr Hill have themselves a tasty IPA in Swim. It’s packed with fruity traits without becoming too juicy, has a soft mouthfeel and refreshing nature – all contribute to an easy drinking beer.

I have never personally been a huge fan of the NE style of brew. I like my IPAs to have a bit more of a hop backbone than these types of beers (see Starr Hill’s AC), but I’m still able to appreciate the aspects of Swim that I do enjoy.

This is a review of a promotional sample.