Jan 4, 2019

Stone Brewing 22ND Anniversary Anni-Matter Double IPA

Stone Brewing hosts an annual, internal competition with their brewery team — pairing up in twos in order to create new and fun beer recipes. The winner of the 2018 event was Anni-Matter, a 9.1% ABV (81 IBU) double IPA that the company deemed worthy of their anniversary moniker.

The big IPA combines a variety of hops (Columbus, Denali, Hopsteiner #06297, Galaxy, Citra, Amarillo) to create a smooth drinking and flavorful experience. Anni-Matter isn’t as memorable perhaps as past anniversary releases, nor is it as potent as many of the other double IPAs the company has unleashed in years past. It is, however, packed with a tasty blend of orange, pine, melon, grapefruit and pine that is supported by a solid malt bill and presents a welcome bite of hop bitterness.

I personally prefer a pungent DIPA, but Anni-Matter’s array of flavors and solid level of bitterness work just fine for my tastes, as well. The big beer has a refreshing quality that many examples of the style lack as it works toward a lightly warming and gently drying finish that simply begs for another sip. I wouldn’t mind seeing this one turned into a regular or seasonal release from the company in the future.