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Advertising Archive

Aug 8, 2007

Three Beers Strong

Here are a couple of ads from the new “Three Beers Strong” campaign. Although I love ninjas, I think I prefer the […]

Jul 3, 2007

Tiger Beer “Taste It In This Life”

I’m not sure which is the best part — the cat offing himself or the expression on the panda’s face. Classic!

Jun 19, 2007

Miller High Life: The American Magazine May 1950

I happened across this illustration on a site completely unrelated to beer and two things immediately struck me. The first is the […]

Jun 19, 2007

Stellar Artois Prison Ship

I can think of quite a few beers that I would be willing to spend a little solitary confinement with. Hopefully though, […]

Jun 11, 2007

Bud Light Swear Jar

After viewing this this one 10-12 times, I’m seriously thinking of putting one of these up in my office. Of course, the […]

May 3, 2007

Voodoo Beer Commercial

This one is from last year, but that certainly doesn’t make it any less funny. Watching it in the office this morning, […]

Feb 28, 2007

Carlton Draught: It’s a Big Ad

Take Orff’s O Fortuna, a dozen or so extras, a couple thousand CGI generated extras, then change the lyrics a bit and […]

Feb 5, 2007

Super Bowl Beer Ads

As usual, Budweiser (and its Bud Light product line) was the dominant presence in the beer commercial race during the Super Bowl […]

Jan 26, 2007

Westmalle Trappist Ale Commercial

I dropped to my knees in horror when I first saw this clip. This is the worst beer commercial involving an amazing […]

Jan 16, 2007

Stella Artois Ad: Masterwork

I was actually looking for another Stella Artois commercial that I had just recently seen, but found this instead. Good stuff.

Jan 3, 2007

Tui Beer Ad: Beer Brewed By Women

I don’t have much to say about this one. Yeah it’s a little predictable, but hilarious nonetheless.

Dec 22, 2006

Grolsch Ad: One Green Bottle

Here’s a great new ad from Grolsch. It’s loosely based on the story of one red paperclip. While it’s based on true […]