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North Coast Brother Thelonious

Noth Coast’s Belgian-style Abbey Ale, Brother Thelonious, used to be a frequent visitor in my cellar many moons ago. The beer was […]

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Oud Beersel Bersalis Tripel

The only other Oud Beersel brand beer — brewed by Belgium’s Brouwerij Oud Beersel — that I’ve encountered was a tasty framboise […]

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Karl Strauss Six Suits A’Hangin’

Each holiday season, as part of their “Twelve Days” series, Karl Strauss releases, you guessed it, a holiday-themed beer. It’s usually big, […]

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BadWolf Brewing Not So Cereus

BadWolf Brewing has always had fun with their brews throughout the years. Some work, some not so much — pretty much the […]

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The Brewer’s Art Resurrection Ale

Back in March of 2014, the family and I took a long weekend trip to Baltimore over the kid’s Spring break from […]

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Lickinghole Creek La Calavera Catrina

Tequila is one of those liquids that can do strange things to humans. Just the right amount and it’s usually fun in […]

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Sweetwater Brewing Spinnerbait

Spinnerbait was just recently announced by Atlanta’s Sweetwater Brewing last week. These samples of the brew arrived shortly after. But they sat […]

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Lickinghole Creek Three Chopt Tripel Ale

Apparently, this has become the American way. Take a traditional style, toss in an extra few pounds more of hops than would […]


Dominion Brewing and Dawson’s Liquors to Release Monk Czech Collaboration

Press Release Dover, DE –Dominion Brewing and Dawson’s Liquors are collaborating on Monk Czech, a Czech Pilsner inspired Belgian-style Ale, set to release June 1. Legend has it this Belgian style ale was first brewed in 1840 using black market malt smuggled out of Plze? by monks. Recognizing those OGs,…

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Brasserie Caracole Troublette

In my quest to find a wheat-based beer that I could truly sit down with for an extended period and thoroughly enjoy, […]