Dec 28, 2006

Tröegs Mad Elf Holiday Ale

I picked up a 6 pack of this on my latest trip to Total Wine. Unfortunately, they are already gone. I’d read a few reviews of it that had really piqued my interest. The rest is history: tasty, tasty history.


The beer smells hoppy with strong cherry flavors. There is a little spice, but nothing that seems too specific.


This was poured into a tulip glass as a hazy rose with light carbonation that faded to no activity. I’m sure that’s due to the higher alcohol level. The head started thick and rosy, as well, that faded to a thin lace, clinging to the insides of the glass.


The cherry flavors are all there, but they are suprisingly not overpowering or super fruity. The cherry is subtle, with a nice tart finish. Alcohol is pretty well hidden considering the brew weighs in at 11% ABV. It did become more evident as the beer warmed.


I found this to be a great seasonal. It’s fruity and warming. Rating: 3.5/5