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2007 Archive

Dec 26, 2007

Allagash Christens Its American Coolship

Allagash Christens Its American Coolship Oh man, oh man, oh man! This is very cool stuff.

Dec 26, 2007

Tis the Season for Beer

I hope that every one has been having a great holiday season. I know that aside from too much dinner and desert, […]

Dec 14, 2007

Falcon: Really Cold

This video has been cracking me up all morning.

Dec 14, 2007

The Session #11 – Illuminator

The Session #11 – Illuminator J. Wilson over at brewvana has just announced next month’s Session topic: Doppelbocks. I’ve already got a […]

Dec 10, 2007

Announcing Brewery Search

Last month I was messing around online trying to find companies that brewed beer (breweries and brewpubs) in a couple of locations […]

Dec 7, 2007

Session #10: Winter Seasonal Beers

It’s the first Friday of December and that can only mean one thing. It’s time for The Session — a monthly event […]

Dec 6, 2007

Session #10 Tomorrow

Don’t Forget Session #10 Is Tomorrow I have a couple of ideas on what I may do for tomorrow and I’m more […]

Nov 29, 2007

Sinebrychoff Porter

I picked this one up on a recent trip to the store. It was a new product that they hadn’t carried before […]

Nov 29, 2007

Trappist Command: Thou Shalt Not Buy Too Much of Our Beer

Trappist Command: Thou Shalt Not Buy Too Much of Our Beer Here’s a great article from the Wall Street Journal about the […]

Nov 21, 2007

Schlitz Malt Liquor – “Robin Hood”

This one is from the early 80’s, but it has that one key ingredient that many of today’s commercials are missing… large […]

Nov 19, 2007

Black Sheep Ale

I’ve been drinking nothing but stouts and porters the past week or so, and while I’m in hog heaven over them all, […]

Nov 14, 2007

Widmer and Redhook Merge

Widmer and Redhook Merge Businesses to Form Craft Brewers Alliance With all the news about the big boys merging, we tend to […]