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The Session Archive

Dec 6, 2014

Session #94 – My Role in Beer

It’s been quite some time since I actively participated in The Session — 39 of the Beer Blogging Fridays have come and […]

Nov 15, 2011

The Session #58 Announced

And just when I was back to getting into the Session a transition in jobs left me without much time to think […]

Sep 8, 2011

Session #56 Announced

It felt good to get back into the flow of The Session and get involved with this month’s topic last week. Hopefully, […]

Sep 2, 2011

Session #55: Label, Coaster and Cap Art

Running The Barley Blog is a hobby — a tasty, tasty hobby. The full time job has me fully immersed in Web […]

Aug 25, 2011

Session #55 Announced

It’s no secret that my participation in The Session — the monthly beer bloggers’ opportunity to get together and write from their […]

May 10, 2011

Session #52 Announced

The 52nd running of The Session has been announced, and it takes a bit of a departure from the previous writing assignments. […]

Mar 16, 2011

Session 50 Announced

Holy crap! The Session hits 50 — FIFTY! — next month and Alan at A Good Beer Blog has selected the topic […]

Mar 4, 2011

The Session #49: Regular Beer

Had you asked me what my go to beer — you know, that beer that’s always in the fridge as your standard, […]

Feb 8, 2011

The Session #49 Announced

Four years after co-founding the monthly beer blogging event known simply as The Session, Stan is back with a topic that appropriately […]

Nov 5, 2010

The Session #45: Wheat Beer

When Session #45 was first announced, I knew exactly which beer I wanted to crack open for the occasion. I’ve only had […]

Oct 6, 2010

Session #45 Announced

I’ve been rather slack in my participation with The Session. It’s been way too long since I’ve joined in the monthly beer […]

Mar 5, 2010

The Session #37: The Display Shelf

This month’s Session is brought to us by The Ferm. The topic: “The Display Shelf: When to Drink the Good Stuff.” I’m […]