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The Session Archive

Jan 2, 2010

The Session #35: New Beer’s Resolutions

I’m a day late to this month’s installment of The Session, but better late than never. Hosted by The Beer Chicks, the […]

Sep 4, 2009

Session #31: Summer Beers

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of stouts and porters. In fact, I’m pretty sure I profess my love for […]

Feb 6, 2009

The Session 24: Tripel Trifecta

For this month’s Session, David at Musings Over a Pint, has selected the tasty topic of Tripels — a style of beer […]

Oct 7, 2008

Session #21 Announced

A World of Brews just announced the theme for Session #21 — What’s Your Favorite Beer and Why? This can only mean […]

Sep 5, 2008

Session #19 – Deutsches Bier

I need to pay attention to my own blog announcements — I forgot that today was Session #19. Well, I didn’t really […]

Aug 4, 2008

Session 18 Spam Filtering

It appears as though WordPress’ Akismet spam filter got a little cranky this weekend. Perhaps it celebrated a bit too much in […]

Aug 3, 2008

Session 18 Round-up

Update It looks like I did in fact miss a couple of post so far. Check them out at the bottom of […]

Aug 1, 2008

Session 18: Happy Anniversary

There used to be a time when my wife and I used to celebrate birthdays and other annual occasions with a nice […]

Jul 9, 2008

Announcing Session #18: Happy Anniversary

The Barley Blog will be hosting next month’s Session — the first Friday of every month when beer bloggers, and beer fans […]

Jul 4, 2008

Session 17: Anti-Seasonal Beer

It’s July 4th. Not only is it the U.S.’ Independence Day, but it’s also Session #17. This time around we’ve been tasked […]

Jun 6, 2008

The Session #16

It’s time for the Session — that monthly event when beer bloggers share their experiences or thoughts on a selected topic. This […]

May 5, 2008

Missed Session and Another New Shirt

I tried to get my article wrapped up for this past Friday’s Session, but I was just having too much fun with […]