Jul 4, 2008

Session 17: Anti-Seasonal Beer

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It’s July 4th. Not only is it the U.S.’ Independence Day, but it’s also Session #17. This time around we’ve been tasked with enjoying a brew that is typically not enjoyed during the Summer season.

Of course, for me, that means only one thing. It’s stout time.

And, well, I couldn’t just get any old stout. So, I dove head first into the cellar to pull out a Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout that I’ve had since October/November.


Just like it did back in October of 2007 Brooklyn’s stout pours nearly black with a thick dark roasted toffee head. The head faded pretty quickly.


This one has definitely changed a bit over the past nine months. The chocolate aromas are just about gone. Instead there’s a heavy alcohol presence with a strong roasted malt aroma, as well. If I concentrate I can definitely pick up the chocolate and espresso notes, but they are much more in the background.


Oddly the strong alcohol in the nose is barely noticeable. You can feel the alcohol warm you as you drink, but there’s no burn. It’s not quite as thick as I remember either. The roasted malt really jump out and make for a delicious combination with the subtle chocolates and espresso bits. In the finish I do get this wonderful half smoked cigar flavor that lingers for a few minutes.


To be honest, I’m not sure that the stout is any better or worse after nearly a year under its belt — it’s almost a different beer entirely. The heavy chocolates are replaced with a more roasted and early presence. The beer has thinned over time, but still a tasty brew.

Rating: 4/5