Sep 4, 2007

Brooklyn Oktoberfest

What better way to spend a long weekend than with some tasty beers? We’re almost to the end of the Oktoberfest beer run — only one more to go after this and then onto some seasonals and more..

I’m a big fan of the Brooklyn beers. The Black Chocolate Stout will always be one of my favorite brews and my experience with their products has always been favorable. Brooklyn’s Oktoberfest is another quality beer that I can proudly add to my long and growing list of favorite brews.

Beer Label: Brooklyn Oktoberfest


This one pours a deep, rich mahogany with a large fluffy head.


Malts and earthiness are the dominating aromas with this brew. It reminds me walking the dogs on a cool Fall morning. There’s a nice nut profile present, as well.


This is one tasty beer. The nutty and malt characteristics blend well together. The finish is earthy and smooth.


I could definitely have a few of these over Thanksgiving dinner or with dessert one late evening. Brooklyn has made one nice Autumn beer.

Rating: 3/5