May 21, 2007

Clipper City Heavy Seas Peg Leg

So, my stout sickness has gotten the better of me again. On a recent trip to the store a picked up a few stouts along with a slew of summer brews that I can’t wait to try. I went into the shop with the mindset of not even looking at anything other than a beer for the warmer days ahead. Then my eye caught my buddy, Old Rasputin, and well, my will power was obliterated.

Beer Label: Clipper City Heavy Seas Peg Leg


The Peg Leg pours a near black with a deep garnet edge when held up to the light. The head was thick and a deep toffee in color. It faded nicely to a moderate lacing on the glass.


Man, I love the way a stout smells. This one is malty and earthy. There’s a slight toffee and caramel undertone, as well.


This one tastes wonderful, but it doesn’t appear to be as complex as some of its competitors. A moderate hop bitterness is quite refreshing as is the slight alcohol bite on the tongue.


Having just taken the mountain bike out earlier in the day yesterday (that trail nearly kicked my ass), this was a well deserved reward for heading out and getting dirty. It’s not the most complex Russian Imperial I’ve had, but tasty nonetheless.

Rating: 3/5