Jul 6, 2007

Session #5: Atmosphere

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This month’s Session is a bit of a departure from the previous four. Instead of reviewing a style of beer or a brewery, we have been tasked with describing our ideal session environment.

There’s No Place Like Home

As cheesy as it sounds, more and more, I find myself looking forward to a cold beer with my wife on the back deck. After a busy day at the office and a long commute home, I can’t think of anything better than to grab a cold beer, pour it into my favorite glass and join her on the deck as my daughter and dogs play in the backyard.

What’s so great about this deck and backyard you ask?

Absolutely nothing.

It’s very unassuming. There’s no busy bartender quickly moving between 50 taps, no din of chatter from 100 other people just getting off work, no really bad Muzak being pumped into the room. If I’m unlucky the most I’ll hear besides a horse is the dull hum of a semi on a nearby highway.

The deck is calming. It’s shaded nicely by a large oak (or maybe maple) tree. If we feel like it, we can pick our own music for our listening enjoyment. We can talk at ease about the day’s events without having to shout just to say “Hi.” And 9 times out of 10 we’ve got just the right beer to make the end of the day that much better.

It’s the perfect spot to wrap up an otherwise hectic day at the office.