Jan 7, 2008

Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti

Among the slew of beers I had over the holidays was another wonderful stout. The wife and i have been big fans of the products that Great Divide has been putting out — particularly Denver Pale Ale and St. Bridget’s Porter. I’m usually able to purchase those on a regular basis, but when it comes to their bigger beers and more seasonal flavors, it’s nearly impossible to find any in our area.

I’d had the Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout in the basement since mid November, but for the life of me can’t remember when or where I purchased it. I think it may have been on the way back from Richmond, but I’m not entirely sure. At any rate, I finally got around to trying it and like many of the Denver based company it delivered the goods.

Beer Label: Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti


Unlike your garden variety yeti (or abominable snowman depending on your locale), this one is darker than all get out. The head was large and dark tan in color. This is a beautiful looking stout.


You’re immediately hit with heavy chocolate malt upon bringing the glass to your nose. There’s also a slight hit of alcohol (9.5% ABV), but it’s not overbearing. The oak aging definitely brings along a few moments of woodiness, vanilla and a very subtle bourbon character.


After a few greedy sips from the glass I can safely say that this is one tasty stout. The chocolate malt dominates the palate while the woodiness and vanilla linger in the background. Bourbon flavors balance out what turns out to be a heavy, smooth stout. Alcohol warms the insides nicely with each swallow.


There was a strong urge that I kept fighting within myself to literally inhale this beer. Knowing the repercussions of such an act kept that urge at bay for a solid hour or two as this one was enjoyed slowly. This is definitely a big beer, but if you love stouts or anything with a nice complex, woody flavor then this is one that you should definitely pick up on your next trip to the store. Of course, if I’m in the shop as well, we may have to fight to the death over it… or share, which ever is easier.

Rating: 4/5