Jun 30, 2008

I *heart* Stouts T-shirt

I have this small sketchbook that I carry around with me and I’m constantly doodling in it — stuck in traffic, in a meeting at the office or at home. It’s usually full of concepts for work, but is also peppered with beer related miscellany. Flipping through it the other day, I came across a quick doodle that I remember putting down after enjoying an Old Rasputin a while back.

From the sketch I decided to make yet another t-shirt to proudly proclaim my affection for stouts.

I *heart* Stouts

While the “I *heart*” something gimmick isn’t new, and I’m pretty sure I may have seen a shirt concept like this somewhere else, the execution on this latest one is pretty original I think.What I really like about this one, having worked through a few iterations, is the beer floating in the heart.

So, if you’re a stout fan and want the rest of the world to know, you can pick one up here. I’m also working on treatments for other beer styles.