Apr 4, 2008

Session #14: Beer People

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It’s the first Friday of April, so it’s time for The Session — a monthly event that brings beer fans together to share their thoughts on a specified theme. This month’s theme is Beer People.

Now, I don’t know too many people in the industry well enough to pen a Session post about them, but there are two very important folks in my life that have had a profound influence on my perceptions and enjoyment of all things craft brew.

First and foremost is my wife.

While she doesn’t get all hyped up about a new release or a special seasonal, she does look forward to and appreciates a finely crafted brew whenever I make a trip to the store. She puts up with me storing away beer in our not-so-big basement like a squirrel on crack, stacking bottle after bottle in the back corner. She indulges me in my beer nerdery and ramblings about my why this or that beer is now one of my all time favorites — for the 15th time this week.

Without her blessing and patience, I certainly wouldn’t be the beer fan I am. Quite simply, she rules.

It must run in the family for my second beer person is my father-in-law. He not only let me marry his daughter, but he also introduced me to the wonderful world of home brewing and Belgian beers. While I haven’t had the opportunity to jump into brewing on my own, I have accompanied him on a couple of his crafting sessions and I seem to learn something new each and every time we talk. His knowledge on all things beer continually astounds me.

So there you have it, short and sweet. Without either of these two wonderful people, my love for beer would most likely have been limited to the mass produced stuff I swilled in my college days.

Thank you both for showing me the light.