Dec 3, 2009

Karl Strauss Releases New Winter Wamer

San Diego, CA – December 3, 2009 – Karl Strauss Brewing Company is releasing their new winter seasonal, Fullsuit Belgian-Style Brown Ale. While the company has long brewed a variety of seasonals, Fullsuit is only the second seasonal offering to be bottled, following Oktoberfest. Fullsuit is a medium-bodied Belgian ale with toasted malt flavors, oak undertones, and a dry warming finish.

Karl Strauss Releases New Winter Wamer

“We wanted to brew a flavorful beer that was still sessionable as the weather starts to cool,” says Paul Segura, Karl Strauss Brewmaster. “You know it’s winter in San Diego when the surfers start to paddle out in their fullsuits, so the name seemed fitting.”

Brewed with a blend of brown and caramel malts, and fermented with a Belgian yeast strain, Fullsuit is an extremely flavorful example of a quaffable winter warmer. Rolled oats were added during the mash to create a creamy mouthfeel while saaz hops were added for aroma. After fermentation, Fullsuit was aged with French oak chips to impart subtle vanilla and oak undertones that complement the slightly peppery character from the Belgian yeast. Mahogany-brown in color and finishing at 6.3% ABV, Fullsuit has a dry, slightly warming finish perfect for those brisk Southern California nights.

“Belgian beers are great to pair with food because of their full flavors and complexity. Fullsuit is one of those beers that pair perfectly with a hearty meal or can just be sipped on a cold night,” says Segura. Fullsuit pairs well with steaks, chops, and dishes with mushrooms because the toasted malt flavors in the beer bring out the natural sweetness of the caramelized meats while the slightly peppery Belgian character in the beer plays off the earthiness of the mushrooms.

The company plans on bottling 2,000 cases of Fullsuit Belgian-Style Brown Ale for distribution throughout Southern California. “I’m stoked that our new bottling line gives us the flexibility to put out a beer like Fullsuit. I know people are going to enjoy this beer,” says Segura. Expect six packs to hit shelves in early December and run through February. For more information, visit