Jul 21, 2009

New Barley Blog Logo

Over this past weekend, I decided to finally get down to reworking The Barley Blog’s logo a bit — a task I’ve had on various to-do lists for quite some time. I love the masthead graphic and really didn’t want to mess with the overall feel. It was a fun project to create and I feel it’s what makes the site unique.

I’ve been staring at the revised logo (refresh your browser to view it) for a day or so now and finally pulled the trigger on its launch. I believe is a step in the right direction, keeping the feel of the masthead the same while giving it a fresh feel. What do you think?

Some may also notice that I’ve reordered a few of the items in the sidebars. I’m tinkering with information placement and thinking of adding a few new features to the site as well. I’ll announce those as they are integrated.