Dec 3, 2009

Schlafly Reserve Imperial Stout

Schlafly Reserve Imperial Stout

I picked up this 2008 bottle of Schlafly’s Reserve Imperial Stout about 3-4 months ago and have been drooling over the change to get into it ever since. This was definitely the most decadent brew I enjoyed over the holiday break, so it’s a good one to end this series of reviews on.

This is not only a special brew, it’s my first from a brewery I’ve heard a great deal about, but have never encountered in the wild. In the end, this was one hell of a way get the relationship started.


This barrel aged imperial stout pours a bit lighter in color than most beers of this style I’ve had in the past. It’s more of a medium to dark brown. The head was thick, creamy and light tan in color.


My notes on this one lead off with “amazing.” The aroma is boozy with a light bourbon character, plenty of oakiness and a good deal of vanilla. It’s a little sweet with roasted malt and not much alcohol to speak of.


Schlafly has crafted a nicely balanced imperial stout. It’s got nice oak and vanilla notes mixed with sweet, roasted, chocolate malt. The bourbon is a bit more evident in the finish as is the 10.5% ABV. The mouthfeel is smooth and creamy, yet a little on the light side.


I enjoyed this brew thoroughly. I might have to make a road trip to the store that I bought it at to see if they still have it. I’ll gladly put out the money for a a couple of bottles to put away for special occasions. My favorite aspect of the beer is the nicely balanced bourbon notes — smooth, lingering and tasty. My only disappointment with the beer would be the mouthfeel. It’s a bit thin for my liking, but not nearly enough to detract from an overall pleasant drinking experience.

Rating: 4.4/5

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