Jan 4, 2010

Aspall Cuvee Chevallier

Over the past 10 years or so, the traditional New Years festivities for my wife and I have been to crack open a bottle of Champagne just after dinner to start the celebration. She’ll enjoy her half and glass while I go on to eventually finish the bottle myself — usually forgoing the glass flute toward the end of the bottle’s life, and subsequently hating myself the next morning.

It happens every year. Until now.

Not being a big fan of the bubbly stuff, my wife can pretty much only tolerate it in Mimosa-form. I’m pretty indifferent to it. This year, however, I received a nice package from SBS Imports on Christmas Day that included a bottle of Aspall’s Cuvee Chevallier, an English Cider double fermented using a recently rediscovered technique. I thought this was just about the perfect substitute for the occasion and, having her fair share, my wife agreed.


The new product from Aspall pours a pale, straw-like yellow with a head reminiscent of Champagne that bubbled up and faded quickly.


This one smells crisp and dry with a light, delicate wisp of apple.


It’s hard not to compare this one to Champagne as they are nearly identical in nature. Dryness. Check. Sparkling carbonation. Check. The only real difference that I could pick up (and that I think sold my wife on the beverage) is the slight sweetness the cider leaves on the lips as well as the light apple flavors. The more I drank of this the less I thought of it as a cider.


Needless to say (again), this went over very well with my wife and I. We had a nice relaxing evening ringing in the the New Year with this bottle and I will surely purchase it in the future if I ever have the need to ceremoniously celebrate an event.

Rating: 3.5/5

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