Aug 24, 2010

Duck-Rabbit Schwarzbier

I’ve had a couple of The Dark Beer Specialist’s products in the past — most recently their Rabid Duck Russian Imperial Stout — so I knew I’d be getting a well crafted black lager with their Schwarzbier.

I love this style of brew because it gives you a more robust, full flavor without the heavier weight of a porter or stout. And as much as I do love myself a big, chewy stout, sometimes you just want something a little lighter. Duck-Rabbit’s Schwarzbier was just what I needed this past weekend.


Pouring a dark brown in color, the beer was capped with a light mocha head that faded slowly to a thin ring.


The nose on the beer has plenty of roasty malts with a touch of black coffee. There’s also a hint of chocolate in there, but it takes a back seat to the slightly smoky roast.


That roasted malt from the nose dominates the palate along with the espresso-like black coffee character. The beer starts off smooth, peaks and ends with a quickly disappearing finish. There’s not much of a hop presence in the beer, so it’s all roasty malt, all the time — which worked out perfectly since that’s what I was in the mood for. It’s got a crisp lager mouthfeel, yet has a smooth edge due to the coffee and chocolate components present.


Duck-Rabbit has themselves a super drinkable lager in their Schwarzbier that’s got a great malt roastiness. Add in the coffee and chocolate traits and you’ve got yourself a smooth tasting brew that I need to find more of for the cooler Autumn months ahead.

Rating: 3.5/5

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