Aug 16, 2011

Cisco Brewers Summer of Lager

Summer of Lager photoA crisp, refreshing Lager for Summer

While I may not go out of my way for a lager, I am a firm believer that there are few beer styles more refreshing than a lager after a hard days work outside in the heat of Summer. This particular product from Cisco Brewers is a prime example. Brewed in the traditional Bavarian style, the beer uses a variety of malts (including wheat malt) and Mt. Hood hops to deliver a lively beer that has a solid bready malt character as well a late forming touch of grassy, noble hops.


Light amber in color with a smoothly falling white head, Summer of Lager certainly looks the part.


The brew has quite an aromatic nose with hints of toasted bread, a subtle sweetness and light, grassy hops.


The flavors mirror the impressions of the nose as a pronounced backbone of bready malts support a lingering hop presence (grassy and latent bitterness) in the clean finish. The beer is crisp and quite quafable even at 6.25% ABV. It’s not a big beer, but big enough that you probably only need one or two to feel the effects while reveling in fruits of your outdoor labor.


I really liked this brew. It’s well balanced between bready malts and a light hop presence that makes for a drinkable and refreshing beer. I can see myself sitting on the back deck with a couple bottles of Summer of Lager after turning mulch all day.

Rating: 3.75/5

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