Jun 27, 2011

Karl Strauss Red Trolley Goes “Off the Rails”

Karl Strauss Red Trolley Off The Rails photo

San Diego, CA – June 27, 2011 – After brewing the award-winning Red Trolley Ale for more than two decades, Karl Strauss Brewing Company is ready to unveil the beer’s turbo charged cousin—Off the Rails. Off the Rails is a double version of Red Trolley Ale with more malt, more hops, and more alcohol. This West Coast Imperial Red Ale is full of dark fruit flavors, toffee, and a smooth warming finish.

“Fans have loved Red Trolley since we first brewed it as our holiday beer 22 years ago,” says Paul Segura, Karl Strauss Brewmaster. “Off the Rails is an opportunity to take the flavors people love in Red Trolley and really push the limits by doubling the recipe.” Brewed with an impressive amount of caramel 60 and 80 malts, and a healthy dose of Willamette and Warrior hops, the finished beer has the same flavors as Red Trolley Ale, but with a more assertive and complex malt profile, and a warming increase in alcohol.

Small batches of Off the Rails have been brewed over the past two years for draft only and the response has been overwhelming. “Each time we brew this beer, our fans clamor for more. It’s really rewarding to be able to offer this beer in bottles for the first time,” says Segura. The company is bottling a very limited supply of 200 cases in 22oz bottles for release in early July. The bombers will be available across Southern California in select retail accounts. For more information visit www.karlstrauss.com. Share it. Cheers.

Off The Rails Stats:
8.5% ABV
32 SRM
40 IBU

After brewing our award-winning Red Trolley Ale for more than two decades, we decided to raise the stakes. Why mess with a good thing? Because it’s that kind of dangerous thinking that leads to the next great beer. For this undertaking, we more than doubled our Red Trolley recipe with massive amounts of sweet caramel malts and earthy Willamette hops. Off The Rails has arrived: A West Coast Imperial Red Ale with rich toffee flavors, undertones of dark fruits, and a derailing hop character. If this is your first time off the rails, hang on with both hands.