May 31, 2011

Left Hand Brewing Good Juju

I’ve enjoyed a couple of beers in my time that have been brewed with some form of ginger or another. My favorite thus far (and I beer I’ve only ever had once) was a tasty bottle of Baladin Nora that I enjoyed about this time last year. While that Nora was a spiced, delicate and refined brew, Left Hand Brewing’s Good Juju is more the every day man’s version. It’s not quite as sophisticated, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

Good Juju felt more like a lightly hopped pale ale with just the right touch of ginger added to the mix to give it a little something extra, besides an already refreshing flavor profile.

Left Hand Brewing Good Juju photo
As usual, excellent label artwork.


Light golden amber in color, the beer sits with a decent sized white head.


This brew smells tasty with elements of biscuity malt, ginger, light pine and light citrus hops. Almost smells like someone poured ginger ale into my cereal accidentally.


Thankfully, it doesn’t taste like an ginger ale alco-pop. It’s got a very light palate with a crisp, refreshing mouthfeel. Bready malts, ginger and a subtle hop presence all come together nicely for an excellently balanced brew. The hop component lends a delicate bitterness to the clean finish.


Good Juju is a pretty darn good brew. It’s got a great body, balance and combination of flavors to offer you the opportunity to try something a little bit different yet not so much that you’re distracted by everything it may or may not contain. I could certainly go for a couple of these on a hot Summer afternoon.

Rating: 3.75/5

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