Jun 6, 2011

Ommegang Gnomegang

Both Cooperstown, NY based Brewery Ommegang and Belgium’s Brasserie d’Achouffe are owned by Duvel Mortgat, the company behind the Duvel brand of beers. I believe Ommegang and d’Achouffe may have already collaborated once in the past, but this is the first time I’ve been able to enjoy their most recent meeting of the minds.

Gnomegang is a 9.5% ABV Belgian Strong Pale Ale that uses the d’Achouffe yeast in fermentation and then the Ommegang yeast when bottle conditioning. The result is an excellent warm weather beer that is flavorful and refreshing — the perfect marriage of Ommegang’s BPA and one of my favorite Belgian beers, La Chouffe.

Gnomegang photo
Tastes just as good as it looks.


Hazy, golden straw in color, Gnomegang sits with an effervescent head that faded quickly to a thin ring.


Light citrus hops, grass, a subtle funk, lemon zest, spices and estery Belgian yeast all come together for an inviting nose.


The two breweries have done a masterful job with this beer. It’s got the best of both worlds from two very tasty beers. It’s light and crisp on the tongue with a lemony citrus character accompanied by spices and a light funk. It’s a refreshing yet dry beer that brings with it a warming, lingering finish. There’s a good bit of fruity hops in the mix, much like the BPA, but they don’t detract from the d’Achouffe influence. It’s a wonderful brew.


I really need to buy more of this before it disappears from the shelves. Crisp, refreshing and full flavored, Gnomegang is the ideal Summer afternoon beer. The combination of the two yeasts bring create a beer that has a foot comfortably in two breweries known for producing excellent products. This beer will not disappoint.

Rating: 4.25/5

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