Feb 7, 2012

A Super Bowl Win, BBQ and Beer

The Monday following the New York Giants’ win over the 49ers in the NFC Championship game I walked into my boss’ office and demanded (well, begged) for the day after the Super Bowl off from work. I knew, win or lose, that I would be up late — either celebrating or drowning my sorrows. Luckily and happily, I celebrated a Giants’ win with some tasty craft beer.

So that brings us to Monday (yesterday). What to do with a day off from the office? Well, after a solid workout at the gym I treated the wife to some tasty BBQ at a relatively new joint up the road from the house, Bad to The Bone Smokehouse. The obvious motive for going was that it was new and I love BBQ. The devious and true motive was that the place had participated in the launch of Port City Brewing’ First Anniversary release, simply titled One. Released on February 3rd, the beer is an Imperial Stout brewed with West Malle Trappist ale yeast and weighing in at 9.7% ABV. That’s a big beer and knowing the area, I was sure that it would still be available when we showed up yesterday.

Bad to the Bone Smokehouse

We walk in, check out the menu boards and proceed to the window to order. The wife goes for the pulled pork sandwich with fries and coleslaw (and a Pepsi — she’s so responsible). I opt for the beef brisket platter with rancher beans and coleslaw for my sides. And of course a glass of Port City One. The draft selection was small, but impressive for a smaller place like this with the likes of Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA and Founders Double Trouble among the six taps (none of which were macro-swill).

Port City One

My beer showed up shortly after we sat down in a — sigh — chilled shaker pint glass. The beer selection may be impressive, but the knowledge behind it not so much. It took a good long time for the beer to warm to a more appropriate temperature, after I had just about finished my meal. What I was able to get from the beer was a smooth drinking imperial stout with a decent roast and a classic Belgian yeast character. It wasn’t super warming, but still left a little glow in the chest even when it was super chilled. Unfortunately, the colder temperature all but eliminated the aroma on the beer as only wisps of yeast and a light roast came off the surface. Otherwise, this was a tasty Imperial Stout. I just wish it had been served properly.

As for the food, it was pretty darn good. The wife loved her pulled pork and my beef brisket was tender and smokey. The BBQ sauce had good heat and flavor that complimented the beef nicely. The beans were good and served with a heavy sauce and shredded beef mixed in. We both agreed that the slaw was a little on the dry side, but then again, it’s probably meant to be served between the bun with the smoked meat.

Mmmm.... BBQ

I don’t recall the name of either BBQ sauce options, but both were vinegar based and quite tasty. The place also has a couple of hot sauces of their on brand. I tried both (and can’t recall the names), but found the hotter one based on habenero peppers to be excellent — flavorful and packed with peppery heat.

Oh, and of course, no trip to Gainesville is complete without a visit to my favorite beer shop, Cork & Fork, where I walked away with Ommegang’s Seduction, Mikkeler/Stillwater Our Side and a few other tasty treats.

All in all, I would call the meal a success and a great way to spend the day off celebrating a great game and another Giants’ Super Bowl win over Brady and the Patriots.

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