Sep 20, 2012

Blue Mountain Brewery Barrel House Weizen

I’ve been fortunate enough to have found a majority of Blue Mountain’s Barrel House series of beers around town. they all have been unique and well crafted and deserving of inclusion in the limited run of brews. This 5.4% ABV Weizen, however, just sort of seems pedestrian in comparison to its sisters and brothers in the Barrel House series. Now, that’s not to say it’s a bad beer or that it’s not crafted with the same attention as the others. It’s actually quite tasty — for a wheat beer. It just doesn’t appear to be as complex as the rest of the series.

Regardless of what I think of it’s place within the brewery’s marketing scheme, Weizen is a pretty solid little brew. It’s got a smooth flavor right in line with the style, but without the overly-spiced trait that many American weizens or hefes have.


Weizen pours a slightly hazy, light amber in color with a dense, white crown of foam.


Wheat, subtle spices, light grassy hops, grains and a light banana character reside within the welcoming nose.


The flavors of this brew match the nose to a tee. The banana is toned down when compared to some of its contemporaries, as is the spice component. The lingering finish also carries a light hop bitterness that tickles the tongue for a bit. Weizen is clean, crisp and easy drinking.


This is a rather understated member of the Barrel House series. It’s tasty and refreshing, but doesn’t quite stack up to the rest of the group in terms of flavor profile. Now, if it were to be amped up and given an Imperial label or infused with some Brett or even aged briefly on some oak staves, then it would probably seem more appropriate resting amongst the rest of the limited run of beers.

Rating: 3.75/5

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