Mar 14, 2012

Blue Mountain Classic Lager

Blue Mountain Classic Lager photo

Afton, Virginia’s Blue Mountain Brewery may not get as much recognition as relatively close neighbor, Devil’s Backbone Brewing, but they make some fine drinking beer all the same and are GABF award winners in it’s own right. I’ve had products from both companies’ over the past copule of years — mostly on draft — and was excited to finally see something from either of them on the shelves of my local shop.

This traditional lager is brewed with 2-row malts and noble hops (the specifics of which I can’t seem to find) and weighs in at a drinkable 5.3% ABV. The beer has, for lack of a better word, a classic lager profile that is right in line with what you’d expect for the style. A hint of grassy hops in the tail end leaves a light bitterness in this refreshing brew.


The beer pours a clear amber in color with a quickly falling white head.


Bready malts, hint of apple and a faint, grassy hop profile fill the nose.


Grainy and bready malts dominate the flavor profile as a low level of hop bitterness comes in with the dry finish. The hops are grassy and earthy in nature. The light body and crisp mouthfeel in combination with the flavors and relatively low alcohol content make for a refreshingly drinkable beer.


I’m glad to know that I can finally get this beer in the bottle so close to home. It’s a solid little brew that is ideal for relaxing on a lazy Summer afternoon. I will be picking up more in the future.


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