Jul 12, 2012

Dogfish Head Positive Contact

Delaware’s Dogfish Head Brewing has had quite the run lately with their music-based series of limited releases. It all started with my favorite of the bunch, Bitches Brew, then Hellbound On My Ale, the brewery’s ode to Pearl Jam (Faithfull) and now this 9% ABV Witbier that has a handful of exotic adjuncts thrown in for good measure.

Brewed in collaboration with Dan the Automator of Deltron 3030, Positive Contact utilizes Fuji apple juice, roasted farro, cilantro and cayenne peppers. The result is another interesting and unique experience from the brewery that has made a name for themselves in twisting craft beer on its end.


The brew pours a pale amber in color with a large white cap that dropped quickly to thin surface covering.


A light hint of wheat, a solid helping of spices/herbs fill the nose initially as the Fuji apples quickly arrive. The cilantro comes and goes in light wafts, but not sure I pick up much of the cayenne in the nose. There’s an underlying grainy, doughy character to support the wheat and cider aspects of the aroma.


Positive Contact definitely has a witbier like palate along with a nice bit of apple, grain and fresh cilantro. There’s a hint of hop bitterness with a subtle touch of distant cayenne pepper. A light initial sweetness transitions smoothly through the myriad of flavors to a semi-dry finish and a lingering tingle from the cider like mouthfeel.


Dogfish Head continue to keep things interesting with this Witbier experimental hybrid. It’s got a good flavor, is easy drinking and offers a unique drinking experience. I still prefer Bitches Brew (I’m a stout fan, what can I say), but I am thoroughly happy to have been able to try this one out.


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