May 18, 2012

East Coast Brewing Kick Back Ale

East Coast Brewing Kick Back Ale photo

I’ve had a couple of brews from New Jersey’s East Coast Brewing over the past year or so. Each was of a quality that isn’t necessarily out to challenge for a World Beer Cup gold medal, but each was also a beer I’d love to take to the beach and enjoy with some friends. The brewery’s latest addition to their line-up is this 5.5% ABV American Amber Ale.

Kick Back Ale leans heavily on the hops making for a beer that is refreshingly biting and crisp — just the kind of beer you want a few of after a hard day’s work outside, or playing hard at the beach. It’s an approachable brew that isn’t too assertive on the palate and should prove to match the rest of the company’s line of products.


The beer pours a deep amber with a quickly falling head that resulted in patchy surface lacing.


The press sheet that arrived with this sample indicated that the beer was made with a blend of American hops and they come through strong in the nose. It’s a hop profile that smells relatively fresh and familiar — grassy, grapefruit citrus and solid pine character. There’s a decent bit of bready malt behind the hops, as well.


This beer has a very distinct hop profile that I know I’ve encountered before, but for the life of me cannot recall (perhaps I drink too much… nah) that quickly overtakes the bready and caramel malt that first greets your taste buds. The hoppiness of the beer is primarily grassy in nature with lemon and grapefruit citrus notes. The bitterness imparted on the palate is just above a moderate level and enough to grip your tongue for a while in the lingering finish. The beer is crisp and quite drinkable.


Of the three beers that I’ve now had from East Coast Brewing, I’d have to say that this is the more developed of the bunch, yet doesn’t become to forward with its flavors. Easy drinking and refreshing are two great qualities in the beer that’s meant to be enjoyed outside playing at the beach or in your own yard tossing/kicking a ball around.


This is a review of a promotional sample received from the brewery.

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