Mar 21, 2012

Left Hand Stranger

Left Hand Brewing Stranger Pale Ale photo

I’ve had my share of left Hand Brewing beers over the past several years, but this is the first time I’ve come across their Stranger pale ale. It’s an annual release that I just recently spied on shelves the other day. Brewed with a variety of malts (including a bit of rye) and Centennial, Willamette and Cascade hops, the beer is a well balanced beer.


This 5% ABV brew pours a clear amber in color with a smallish white head that fell to patchy lacing.


Toasted malt, a touch of sweetness, light citrus fruits and pine all mingle in the balanced nose.


This is a tasty pale ale. Leaning more toward the hop end of the flavor spectrum, the beer still has a solid bit of malt sweetness and light toast to help off-set the wonderfully citrusy and piney hop presence. There’s a touch of orange zest in the mix, as well. The hop bitterness is of a moderate level. The beer has a crisp carbonation and is easy drinking — not to mention refreshing.


I’ve never met a Stranger like this one before. It’s an even keeled brew with a solid balance between malt and hops, but just enough of the latter to let you know they’re there, especially in the lingering bitterness that hangs around for a bit. The beer is fairly light on the alcohol content so you can have a couple while out playing in the Spring weather without too much cause for concern.


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