Sep 7, 2012

St. Bernardus Wit

As I’ve pointed out a crazy number of times on this site (and to your exasperated annoyance, I’m sure), I’ve had my fair share of conflicts with wheat-based beers. Sure, I’ve had the opportunity to sample and/or purchase some excellent varieties in style that use the grain, but for the most part, I’ve struck out on a regularly consistent basis. And yet, I’m stubborn enough to keep trying to find one that I really, really like.

Well, I think my search may have finally ended. I picked up this bottle of St. Bernardus Wit (Pierre Celis Signature Selection) a couple of weeks ago and just got around to cracking it open. The stereotypical banana and wheat profiles that typically drive me crazy in witbier, hefes, what have you are toned down a great deal here while a subtle tartness is introduced that I thoroughly loved. This is a world-class beer that I think is the one I’ve been searching for.


The brew pours a hazy, straw yellow in color with a one-finger, dense white cap of foam.


Delicate wheat, a subtle banana trait, Belgian yeast and subtle spices combine for a nose that is inviting.


This is a nice, light beer with a refreshing crispness to it. A light wheat character, bready malt, subtle banana, lemon zest, a touch of spices and yeast come together for a wonderfully balanced flavor profile. There’s a hint of a tartness that fades gently to the dry, lingering finish. The tartness is a welcome surprise as it breaks up the typical witbier presentation.


I never thought I would like a witbier as much as I do this one from St. Bernardus. It’s outstanding! The flavors are delicate and at times subdued, but they never fully fade away. It’s well balanced with a nice malt and wheat backbone that is complimented nicely by the late forming tartness. Excellent beer.

Rating: 4.25/5

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