Jan 23, 2013

Brasserie Caracole Troublette

In my quest to find a wheat-based beer that I could truly sit down with for an extended period and thoroughly enjoy, I’ve gone through quite a many bottle. From the over-the-top banana of American Hefeweizens to nicely hopped versions, some have come close, but none have really captured my attention. That is, until this bottle of Caracole’s Troublette made it’s way into my shopping cart last month.

I was warned by the cashier at the time that this beer was very lemony. I took that as it being a bit “tart” and tucked the knowledge away for later — which was only a handful of days after I bought the beer. Expecting the worst (as usual) I poured the beer into the glass you see above, sniffed, swirled, sniffed some more and then finally tasted it.

I had finally found my wheat beer.


Troublette pours with a fluffy white head and a softly hazy golden amber color. It certainly looks good in a glass.


This beer smells great as wafts of fruitiness, yeast, spices and a peppery tingle all come together wonderfully.


Wheat, a hint of banana, spices (coriander) and that long lasting lemon presence the cashier mentioned present themselves immediately and sustain themselves through to the lingering, yeasty finish. The lemon presence has a moderate level of tartness that is balanced with just enough malt sweetness to keep it from becoming overbearing. Hints of honey and grain are also present. The crisp carbonation gives the beer a refreshing and satisfying character.


Troublette really is unlike any other wheat beer that I’ve had in the past few years. Everything is perfectly balanced and presented at just the right levels. If I could get my hands on this beer again, I’d buy out the inventory.

Rating: 4/5

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