Feb 6, 2013

Moa Breakfast

Initially, I had no idea why this beer was called Breakfast when I bought it. I mean, it’s not brewed with oats or anything like most other similarly named brews. What I found out later, however, is that this 5.5% ABV witbier (or fruit beer depending on where you look) is crafted as a “European breakfast beer.” I’m not entirely sure what that means, as I’m a fan of just about any type of beer for any early morning treat.

At any rate, Moa’s Breakfast is predominantly wheat based and has been generously hopped with Nelson hops. At some point in the brewing cycle, cherries have been added, giving the beer a subtle cherry fruit character and a touch of tartness. I’m not sure if there are any other ingredients added, but the beer has a very perfumey, herbal character that took some time to grow accustomed to.


The beer pours a hazy straw yellow in color with a dense white head that showed some decent resiliency.


A surprising amount of floral, herbal scents attack the nose upon first whiff. It smells like some of the scented candles that my wife has around the house, but without the waxiness. There is a solid citrus note, light cherry, herbs and an underlying hint of tartness.


The brew tastes nearly as perfumey as it smells — a trait I am not overly fond of. It’s very fruity and herbal with a hint of that cherry tartness that tingles the tongue gently. The sharp, crisp carbonation pushes the wheat and grain notes around the mouth vigorously and refreshes as well.


This is definitely one of the more interesting beers I’ve had lately. I’m not sure I totally dig the combination of the cherries and wheat (as well as whatever other ingredients went into it). The overall flavor is just too herbal and perfumey for me to fully enjoy. I did like the crisp carbonation and touch of tartness that the beer presents, but beyond that, I probably won’t be buying this one again. I’ll stick to their 5 Hop Ale in the future.

Rating: 2.75/5

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