Nov 4, 2013

Southampton Pumpkin Ale

This bottle of Southampton Pumpkin Ale was part of a mixed six-pack that I purchased back in August — I have quite the backlog of reviews to get through. While I enjoy a good pumpkin ale when the weather and mood strikes, it seems that there are more and more popping on shelves each year. So instead of selecting some long-time favorites and solid standbys, I only drank those that were new to me.

This 5% ABV version from New York’s Southampton Publick House wasn’t a stand out from the pack that I had, though it did have a little something different to offer. For the most part, it’s pumpkin and spice combination were right in line with what I expect from the style. The one thing that helped separate it from the other bottles I purchased was a fairly solid amount of vanilla in the mix.


The beer pours copper in color with splashed of orange as the light hits the glass. A small cap of off-white foam falls gently.

Southampton Pumpkin Ale photo


Pumpkin, subtle spices and distant vanilla notes combine for a clean, inviting aroma.


The pumpkin, vanilla (that lingers a good long while) and spice blend arrive immediately in balanced harmony. Southampton Pumpkin Ale tastes like your standard pumpkin ale with a good earthy quality and restrained use of spices. The beer is easy drinking and refreshing.


I can get behind a beer like this. I cannot stand a brew (of any style) that goes overboard with any sort of spice additions — this is especially prolific in the pumpkin beer category. Southampton’s offering uses an appropriate amount of spices and has a well represented earthy character. The vanilla is an interesting addition and was one that I needed a few sips to adjust to, but overall worked out fine.

Rating: 3.5/5

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