Apr 10, 2013

Stillwater Artisanal Ales Bronze Age

Despite Stillwater Artisanal Ale’s presence just in the next state up the coast, it’s tough to find the gypsy brewer’s saisons and farmhouse ales in my region of Virginia. So whenever I see a bottle with the trademark, tattered banner logo on a bottle it’s usually picked up pretty quickly and in the cart with whatever else I may be purchasing that day.

With Bronze Age, a 6% ABV collaborative saison brewed with Belgium’s Hof Ten Dormaal, we’ve got a treat of a beer. Both breweries have employed estate grown barley and raw spelt (hulled wheat) in the making of this brew. The addition of the spelt brings an interesting character to the beer that, while wheaty in nature, gave off a pilsner like impression. The end result was a great tasting saison.


A large stack of frothy, white foam sits atop the hazy, golden amber brew.


Spicy, herbal notes arrive with a touch of hay, gain and a subtle funk. I definitely pick up a pilsner malt character within the floral aroma.


My initial impression after a sip or two was that the beer was a smooth blend of a pilsner and a saison. The malt and grain profile makes for a rather rustic character while the herbal notes and light funk lighten things up nicely. The yeast presence lingers gently in the lightly hopped finish that’s also a good deal on the dry side. The crisp mouthfeel accentuates the pilsner impression, as well. Tasty!


I was really impressed by this beer. I thoroughly enjoyed the malt and spelt combination that gave the beer a bit more of a unique flavor profile. It’s easy drinking and more than refreshing. I will be on the lookout for Bronze Age in future trips to the store.

Rating: 4.25/5

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