Oct 10, 2014

Big Boss Brewing Blanco Diablo

Back in early July of this past Summer I made a run with the family down to the Outer Banks. Whenever I visit that area, I like to pick up a six pack or two of local North Carolina brews for review on the site. I’ve had Big Boss products in the past, but this is my first encounter with their Blanco Diablo.

This 4.3% ABV (16 IBU) witbier is brewed with orange peel, coriander and then fermented with a traditional Belgian wit yeast. For my own personal tastes, I’m always worried when I see “brewed with spices” emblazoned on a beer’s label. Past experience has taught me that’s not always a good thing. Blanco Diablo, however, has a lower level of spice influence that suits my palate well.

Big Boss Brewing Blanco Diablo photo


The brew pours a golden amber in color with a solid cap of dense white foam.


Soft wheat, light bread, distant spices and a subtle, grassy hop character fill the nose smoothly.


Blanco Diablo has a surprising hop bite present considering it’s only 16 IBU — it’s not overly distracting, but certainly more than anticipated. The grassy hops mingle with grain, light bread, a soft sweetness and a distant, nondescript spice blend. The brew is quite approachable if subtle with a refreshing and quaffable nature.


Blanco Diablo wasn’t as overly spiced as I was expecting and the slightly amplified hop presence was a change of pace. Overall, however, the brew is rather subdued which makes it an easy drinking experience, ideal for hot, sandy days that the beach.

Rating: 3.5/5

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