Aug 21, 2014

Blue Mountain Brewery Blue Reserve

I don’t know much about Blue Mountain Brewery’s strong Belgian pale ale, Blue Reserve, except that I found a single bottle of it that I enjoyed back in late May of this year. The beer is 7% ABV and 44 IBU and is packaged in a 750ml bottle with cork and cage. Beyond that, you’ve got me. All that I know is what I smelled, tasted and experienced with this brew — and it’s all good.

Blue Mountain Brewery Blue Reserve photo


Blue Reserve pours a slightly hazy amber with a resilient cap of dense white foam.


Yeast, citrus notes, earthy grain, distant spices and a hint of honey arrive in a rather floral aroma.


This beer it quite good. It’s packed with Belgian yeast, citrusy hop flavors, grassy notes with soft spices and subtle caramel. It’s moderately hoppy in terms of bitterness with a light sweetness left behind on the lips. The crisp mouthfeel and long lasting finish give the beer a refreshing quality. The elevated alcohol presence it muted and masked well.

Blue Mountain Brewery Blue Reserve photo


I liked Blue Reserve and its combination of Belgian yeast and Cascade hop variety — it gives the brew a great flavor and refreshing nature. I don’t recall what the weather was when I enjoyed this brew, but I can easily picture myself lazing in the hammock with a glass of this in hand. It’s probably one of the best that I’ve recently had from Blue Mountain.

Rating: 4/5