Feb 28, 2014

Blue Mountain Brewery Long Winter’s Nap

Nelson County’s Blue Mountain Brewery has a line of beers they call Barrel House which is actually a separate production facility from the main brewery. This branch focuses more on higher end brews and those that lean toward the experimental. It’s also a location that has produced some pretty darn good products: Local Species, Mandolin, Dark Hollow, Uber Pils, Weizen and Isabel.

Long Winter’s Nap, a 10% ABV maibock (or triple bock according to label), is the latest in the limited releases that I’ve had and it’s right up there with the best of the bunch. Much like the snoozing bear in the artwork, this beer is ideal for the coldest of Winter nights — it’s tasty and warms the spirit nicely.


A large stack of light khaki foam rests atop the amber brew.

Blue Mountain Brewery Long Winter's Nap photo


Grain, grassy hops, light fruits, soft sweetness and bready malts fill the nose gently. There’s a hint of a peppery note in the mix, but nary a sign of hte elevated alcohol content.


This is a pretty tasty brew. Husky grain, light zesty hops, soft fruits and toasted bread dominate as hints of honey and caramel play along. There’s no alcohol taste to speak of, but this brew certainly warms the chest. There’s a bit of a medicinal trait late in the lingering finish as a moderate level of sweetness sticks around for a while. The beer is incredibly smooth and slightly viscous as it slides across the tongue.


Long Winter’s Nap is another solid offering from Blue Mountain’s Barrel House line of beers. It’s an excellent brew to sip while huddled up near a fire, reading your favorite book or periodical. This is a big beer that goes down deceptively smoothly and warms well — which has been something we all need during this exceptionally cold Winter.

Rating: 3.75/5

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