Nov 20, 2014

Heavy Seas Plank III

I’m pretty sure that I have had Heavy Seas’ Plank or some version of it in years past, but according to this here website, I didn’t publish a review for it. So, here we go. Weighing in at 8.5% ABV, Plank III is a Belgian-style tripel that’s been aged on Jamaican Allspice wood. Despite the fact that I still remember when this brewery’s products were heavily branded as Clipper City, I don’t recall this beer being wood-aged, but I think I would have remembered a wood as unique as the one employed for the 2014 version of Plank III.

Regardless, the glass of tasty brew I held in my hand for this review had a woody influence that was delicate in nature, teasing at the edges as the warming glow of alcohol faded smoothly. Plank III is a big beer, like most of the more potent Heavy Seas brews. The base tripel is one of the better I’ve had in a good bit that has originated from U.S. grounds, but the effect the wood aging has on it certainly makes it something special.


Amber in color, the beer sits with a pillowy cap of tawny foam that dropped slowly to full ring around the surface.

Heavy Seas Plank III photo


Yeast, soft fruits, smooth spices, banana and bubblegum fill the nose cleanly. I don’t really pick up too much of a woody character here.


The brew makes up for the lack of a wood influence on the aroma, but presenting it mid-swallow and allowing it to linger for a good long while. It goes hand-in-hand nicely with the smooth warmth of the higher alcohol content. Spices, yeast, a peppery tingle, grains and a moderate sweetness are carried effortlessly over the tongue by the slightly viscous and medium-bodied brew.


It’s been a while since I’ve had a new beer from Heavy Seas and Plank III was no disappointment. The beer is a solid Belgian-style tripel, but the influence of the Jamaican Allspice wood is what really makes it shine. The soft, almost delicate nature of its influence helps accentuate the yeast and spice notes that thrive within the beer’s depths. It’s also a brew that I think would do well with a little cellaring under its belt.

Rating: 4/5

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