Dec 26, 2014

Lickinghole Creek Rosemary Saison

I’ve had many takes on the Saison in my time — from black to ultra hoppy. This bottle of brew from Lickinghole Creek, however, is the first, I believe, that I’ve encountered that utilizes rosemary within it’s depths. Rosemary Saison (batch #3) is a 6.8% ABV (34 IBU) example of the style that’s been crafted with herbs grown on the brewery’s grounds.

The company’s website describes the beer as having the “…perfect amount of Rosemary to create a unique Saison.” And while it is, in fact, a unique experience, the level of rosemary is a bit on the high side for my own personal liking. There is a solid amount of earthiness and farm-y funk that is present, but they tend to take a back seat to the herbal influence.


Rich amber in color, Rosemary Saison sits with a persistent cap of beige foam. It certainly looks good in the glass.

Lickinghole Creek Rosemary Saison photo


The rosemary presents itself immediately as soft barnyard and hay aromas mingle with grain, white pepper and a hint of caramel.


Man, that’s a lot of rosemary. I do love the earthy, grassy hop profile that this beer has, but that herbal punch is a bit much. The barnyard of the style is present, as is a touch of grain and bread, but it all is shrouded by the rosemary. A moderate sweetness arrives shortly after the hop bitterness and both fade to a surprisingly warming and dry finish.


Rosemary Saison is an interesting and, as the brewery states, unique niche beer. It’s got a wonderfully fresh and earthy character, lightly funky and crisp. I just wish the rosemary allowed for more of that to shine through than it currently does.

Rating: 3.5/5

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