Oct 31, 2014

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Pilsner

Torpedo Pilsner is a collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Firestone Walker for the Beercamp Across American mixed pack. This 5.2% ABV and 45 IBU pilsner, as you would expect, ain’t your dad’s Bohemian. The brew uses New Zealand hop varieties and Sierra Nevada’s “hop torpedo” to infuse the brew with as much hoppy goodness as is humanly possible.

I’m not sure of which hop varieties are employed in the recipe, but they certainly bring a floral component to the brew — perhaps too much as it takes on a perfumey character. Surprisingly, it’s not overly present in the beer’s aroma, which is actually fairly subdued, but it does affect the tastebuds to a degree. At least, for my own personal liking.


Pale straw in color, the brew sits with a moderate sized cap of frothy, white foam.

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Pilsner photo


The aroma on this beer is fairly light over all, but there are elements of grain, cereal, soft grass notes and distant lemon zest.


It’s definitely a pilsner as there’s a good bit of cereal, grain and lightly toasted bread throughout. As far as the hop presence goes, there’s definitely an amped up level of bitterness and a distinct floral, perfumey trait of which I am not not overly fond. The brew is light bodied and softly carbonated with a slightly drying, though lasting finish.


Torpedo Pilsner isn’t my favorite of the first half of Sierra Nevada’s Beercamp mixed twelve pack. I can see where they were trying to go with it, but I think their GPS may have mislead them en route to that destination. I like the fruity character that the increased hop presence brings, but that floral, perfumey bit is just too much for my own personal tastes.

Rating: 3.25/5

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