Mar 17, 2015

BadWolf Brewing Grisette

To say that BadWolf Brewing rotates their taps frequently would be an understatement. This nano (soon to be larger with an expansion in the works) cranks out a multitude of beer on a regular bases, often several times a week. So, if you like something of theirs, you had better get your fill while you can — which is why I picked up a growler of Grisette, a 4.3% ABV saison the brewery released back in February.

The last beer of this style that I encountered from the Manassas brewery was their Citra Saison. The hop-forward take on the style may not have been what I was looking for that particular day, but it left enough of an impression to cause me to pick up the company’s most recent take on the style.


Grisette pours a clear amber in color with a nice cap of white foam that stuck around for a good bit.

BadWolf Brewing Grisette photo


The array of scents wafting from the surface are subtle, but I can still pick out grain, a soft funk, yeast and distant fruits.


The flavors of Grisette closely follow the nose, but not nearly as subtle. A solid amount of earthy grain dominates throughout as crackers, soft yeast, a distant touch of barnyard funk and light fruits all make an appearance. The beer is medium bodied and has a refreshing crispness to the mouthfeel.


Grisette is a rustic, rough-around-the-edges sort of beer. It’s an interpretation of the style that I don’t often come across, but I like it nonetheless. I would imagine that most farmhouse beers at the time were not nearly as refined as many of the modern examples which we all enjoy so much. It’s nice to come across a beer like this that’s a bit more straightforward and no-nonsense.

Rating: 3.5/5

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