Sep 22, 2015

BadWolf Brewing Not So Cereus

BadWolf Brewing has always had fun with their brews throughout the years. Some work, some not so much — pretty much the storyline for any modern craft brewery. Not So Cereus, however, is one of their recent releases that works.

This 4.7% ABV Belgian-style brown ale has a bit of Brettanomyces added in for good measure. The result is a beer that is earthy, funky and a bit wild. The wild yeast helps accentuate the earth and robust character found within Not So Cereus’ dark depths. I’m curious, though, how the brew tasted prior to the addition of the Brett. Perhaps I’ll just have to wait until the company opens there expansion and can take another crack at the recipe.


The beer pours a dark, cola brown in color with a creamy, albeit short-lived cap of beige foam.

BadWolf Brewing Not So Cereus photo


A strong, wild yeast funk dominates with cocoa, caramel, soft most notes and distant fruits brining up the rear.


The Brettanomyces is certainly in play here, but not to the degree at which the nose hinted. The addition leaves behind an earthy funk amongst, tobacco, burnt caramel, roasty notes and light cocoa. A soft carbonation and drying finish complete the experience with an interesting bit of an herbal numbing character on the tongue.


I liked this beer. It’s sort of robust with a strong earthiness that is accentuated by the use of wild yeast. It’s not the best the brewery has made, but certainly one of the more interesting. I’m still curious how that base Belgian brown tasted prior to the addition of the Brett.

Rating: 3.75/5

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