Oct 2, 2015

Colorado Guanabara

AB InBev’s recent run of craft brewery purchases this past year hasn’t just been limited to North America. The global conglomerate recently purchased one of Brazil’s first craft breweries, Cervejaria Colorado, back in July of this year. That probably explain as to why bottles of the company’s Guanabara just started showing up on shelves as of late. Regardless of who owns the company, they and their products are new to me. And seeing as how I am a huge stout fan, I couldn’t pass trying this one up.

Guanabara, to put it bluntly, is a damn fine beer. As probably my first beer from Brazil, it’s an incredible introduction to what the country can produce. At 10% ABV, this monster Russian imperial stout brings a full, chewy mouthfeel and a myriad of flavors that ended up reminding me of Alewerks’ Rapadou Porter.


A creamy, light mocha head rests atop the opaque, nearly black brew.

Colorado Guanabara photo


Burnt caramel, molasses, uncooked brownie batter, a touch of coffee and some latent anise combine for an aroma that is beyond inviting.


Guanabara is big and boozy with a solid sweetness. Cocoa, molasses, anise, a soft char and late-forming coffee dominate the beer from start to finish. The thick and chewy mouthfeel has a smooth texture as it glides smoothly to a slightly drying finish. A licorice-induced numbness lingers on the outer edges of the tongue.


While I’m not going to run out and grab a 24-pack of Bud any time soon, I’m also not too worried about who may pay the bills for a brewery like Cervejaria Colorado. Much like Goose Island, if the company products are of this quality, I’ll continue buying them — as long as they are still available in the country, that is. And Guanabara is a stout I would gladly purchase again and again. It’s a solid stout with a robust, full-flavored character.

Rating: 4.25/5

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