Jul 2, 2015

Lagunitas Equinox

Lagunitas first brewed Equinox back in 1995. I’m not sure if it was under the same moniker or even 100% the same recipe, and honestly, I don’t care. I’m just glad that they made this tasty 8% ABV imperial pale ale.

Equinox is brewed with pale oat which gives it a smooth texture on the palate. Chuck some Equinox and Simcoe hops into the mix and you’ve got yourself a potent surge of hop character. Even at 80 IBU, the beer isn’t a palate wrecker — I’ll attribute that to the “drinkable” sensation of the mouthfeel and the overall refreshing nature of the beer.


A dense cap of tawny foam — that left behind excellent lacing as it dropped — sits atop the clear, bright amber brew.

Lagunitas Equinox photo


Luscious pine, grapefruit, grain/oats, tangerine and a touch of bready malt mingle comfortably.


Tangerine and grapefruit lead the way for pine, grain and a moderate sweetness. The hop bite is solid, but manageable as it washes smoothly over the tongue. The oats give the beer a bit of heft in its body, as well as that smooth character. The beer is full flavored and refreshing despite its higher alcohol content — it’s not an overly warming beer.


I thoroughly enjoyed this beer. The combination of Equinox and Simcoe varieties makes for a hop-forward pale ale, but htat pale oat really sets this beer apart. The smooth texture and fuller body are both traits I was sort of expecting, but still a welcome surprise.

Rating: 4/5

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