Jul 13, 2015

Lost Rhino Bramble Frumenti

Lost Rhino’s Genius Loci series is an experimental run of limited, often one-off beers that are brewed using regional ingredients (local to Loudoun County, VA). Bramble Frumenti uses Wild Farmwell Wheat, blackberries, grape skins and honey with local Ashburn yeasts in primary fermentation and Brettanomyces in secondary.

As expected, Bramble Frumentis presents a decent bit of sour tartness, but even with all of those ingredients going into the mix, the beer is still quite approachable. A good amount of blackberry and vinous notes linger through to the refreshing and lasting finish.


The beer pours a hazy, golden amber in color with a small, persistent cap of white foam.

Lost Rhino Bramble Frumenti photo


A tartness tingles the nose while grain, blackberries, distant honey and a touch of bread mingle gently.


The tartness level of Bramble Frumenti is of a moderate level — it’s got a light pucker and bite, but isn’t going to wreck your palate any time soon. A solid berry presence, honey and soft sweetness linger in the background, riding comfortably on the lightly fizzy carbonation. At 7% ABV, the beer isn’t overly potent and, with its light body and carbonation, is quite refreshing.


All in all Lost Rhino’s Bramble Frumenti is a decent brew. It’s my first experience with this limited run of beers and was a good enough first impression that I will surely look out for more in the future. As far as this release goes, it was easy drinking and tasty. Too bad it’s not being produced any more.

Rating: 3.75/5

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