Oct 19, 2015

New Holland Incorrigible

Man, it’s been quite a while since I’ve reviewed a New Holland brew. Lucky for me — and ultimately you all — I happened across a bottle of the company’s Incorrigible a couple of months ago. And what a hell of a beer it is to revisit this brewery.

Incorrigble is a white sour ale. That’s essentially just saying that wheat-based ale that’s had a play date with wild yeast. Oh and a good amount of blueberries and blackberries join in on the fun for good measure. The beer weighs in at a fairly sessionable 4.5% ABV and brings a solid amount of sour tartness, which, of course doesn’t really keep that sessionable nature in tact.


As you can see in the photos, this beer pours a clear, vibrant cranberry in color. A short-lived head of pink foam dropped noisily upon finishing up the pour.

New Holland Incorrigible photo


Loads of fruity berries, sour tartness and a distant hint of wood fill the nose. There’s not much else on display here.


The beer certainly has a solid tartness, but isn’t too much of a palate mauler. There is a large amount of fruity berries persistent throughout. A moderate sweetness fades smoothly to a lingering, dry finish. The beer has a wonderfully clean exit with a lasting tingle of tartness.


Incorrigible is a fun little beer. It’s got a strong fruit/berry character with a decent bit of tartness to counter any sweetness. And at a relatively low alcohol content, it won’t wreck you for the rest of the afternoon during which you cracked open the bottle.

Rating: 4/5

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