Aug 19, 2015

Rising Tide Ete

Each year the Barley Blog family gets together down in the Outer Banks along the coast of North Carolina. And each year I look forward to two beer-related events. The first involves exploring retail shops for local brews that don’t make it too far north. The other, comes from much further north in the form of a few mixed six packs from Maine, courtesy my older sister — who, I guess, is also nice to see. This bottle of Rising Tide Été was part of that northern care package.

I don’t know much about this 4.1% ABV brew other than it is brewed in the vein of a Belgian Saison. As is often typical with American versions of traditional beer styles, it also packs a healthy hop profile with plenty of tropical fruit notes.


Rising Tide Été pours a clear, golden straw in color with a frothy cap of white foam that leaves behind decent lacing as it drops.

Rising Tide Été photo


Soft, funky yeast mingles with grapefruit, mango and distant spice notes.


There is a solid amount of luscious, tropical fruits within this beer that lead the way for a moderate bitterness. Soft yeast, distant spices, grass and a smooth barnyard presence all come into play, but don’t quite step to the forefront like the hop traits. The beer is crisp, almost sharp, on the tongue with a refreshing nature.


I personally prefer my Saisons on the more traditional side, but the surge of fruity hops was welcome on the hot afternoon that I sampled this brew. Rising Tide Été is refreshing and, at a lower alcohol content, is one that suits relaxing at the beach, soaking in the setting (or rising) sun.

Rating: 3.75/5

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