Jun 2, 2015

Stillwater Ales Rio de Sauvin

Last week, I published a review for Against the Grain’s Rico Sauvin. And now, part of their remix project, we have Stillwater Artisanal Ales’ take on the beer with Rio de Sauvin. I’m not sure entirely how this can be called a remix — it’s a completely different beer altogether.

Against the Grain presented a big, tropical double IPA. With Stillwater, we have a 7.7% ABV Farmhouse Ale. I can’t help notice that those aren’t the same style of beer, but who am I to bitch about how a brewery approaches the naming of their releases.

Rio de Sauvin, as stated, is a farmhouse style ale that’s been brewed with mango and passionfruit juice. The result is a beer that, as expected, carries a good bit of tropical fruit flavor, but also maintains the soft funk of the base style.


The beer pours a golden straw in color with a dense cap of white foam.

Stillwater Ales Rio de Sauvin photo


Loads of fruit juice lead the way for a good bit of farm funk and grain. The mango is softer than the passionfruit and there’s a nice yeasty component in the mix, as well.


The mango and fruit juice-y sweetness come out more here as does a bit of tartness. The light bodied brew has a good bit of funk and hay that fade gently toward the lasting finish. The fruit tartness lingers as a soft tingle after each sip.


I’m glad that, while the fruit presence is strong, it didn’t entirely overwhelm the base farmhouse ale. The bit of funkiness that leaks through the fruits is just enough to keep everything interesting. Rio de Sauvin is a solid offering, but I think I prefer the overall flavors of Against the Grains double IPA instead.

Rating: 3.75/5

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